The Just Down Filled Pillow Triple Chamber



The Just Down Pillows are extremely supportive yet provides that soft plush feel. Our Pillow is completely filled with the fluffiest premium Canadian Down clusters. We recommended this Pillow for all sleepers. The Just Down Pillow has a triple-core structure with an extra supportive inner layer of small feathers, and a comfy outer layer of Down clusters. This Down option is our best seller and most versatile Pillow.

  • Down Clusters and Feather Chambers
  • 100% Long-Staple Cotton Sateen Shell
  • 100% Canadian Premium Down
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Treated with Ultra-Fresh Antimicrobials
  • Durable, Double-Stitched Edges
  • Made in Canada

We recommend leaving your Down Pillow outside on a dry day or using a dryer on the air fluff / no heat setting and then shaking the product out. Both options will dry out any dust or dirt and fluff the Down. For spills or stains, we recommend spot cleaning with soft soap like Zero or Woolite. The Down Pillows can be dry cleaned for large stains.