About Just Pillows


The long and short of it… 

It started in 2001 with a duvet and a dream. I had no idea what they were but was asked if I could sell them…true story!

This was my introduction to the hospitality industry. As my network of people was vast and the ability to sell was great, I did! Sold out! It was at that time that I grasped the importance of creating the guest  experience…through bedding. 

 Necessity is the mother… 

Having been exposed to traditional hotel quality products, both below and well above standard, we decided to mix a retail luxury flair with hotel durability, wash ability and cleanliness.

We take pride that the majority of our products have Canadian hands involved. Keeping in mind, cotton is not a staple costed product in Canada, lets be “Real” we do what we can, to keep us Canadian while providing a quality product.  

 Looking back… 

Over 18 years we have designed and sold over 1,000,000 pillows and bedding products to the top hotel brands worldwide.

We have made pillows and bedding for all the top retailers and hotel chains under private labels…our retailers marked up the price 5 to 10x times the cost! 

 Fast forward…

Years of industry expertise coupled with world renowned hoteliers, engineers, design professionals and business owners, has led us to creating exceptional bedding products for luxurious sleep at accessible prices.

 Our products are crafted, tried, tested and proven for everyday use of hotels with the feel of home luxury goods.

It is time for us to bring the guest experience to you...

Just Pillows Room Service to your door!

 Don’t fall for the fluff…

Not just another Tech company, that has partnered with a social media company, to take random product’s to market. We have seen too much of that. We did not just jump on a band wagon…we have been driving it for many years! 

 We’ve never stopped listening… 

Everything we do, we do with our customers in mind.

We believe that good clean sleep should be accessible to all. Our focus has, and always will be, on creating quality products at affordable prices. 

 No off gas here… 

 We have spent a lot of time studying our beds and perfecting the sleep experience that our clients have come to expect. Customers often asked how they can create that “ridiculously comfortable sleep on a dream-come-true bed” at home.   

   Our 7 Elements Bed was born out of this need. 

        The 7 elements to build a bed for a healthy, clean, perfect sleep environment is at the core of any hotel bed, you can now have that at home. 

 The Why…

Years of consulting, designing for, working with many major corporations in the sleep business have fueled our desire to give back. 

  When you find your purpose and align it with what you do.....   every day has a “Silver Lining”. 

Just Pillows has partnered with SickKids, Children’s Wish Foundation and others. Our reach has touched those as far as the Amazon Children’s Network with donating pillows, shorts, soccer balls and children’s wheelchairs. 

Did you know that pillows are in the top 3 most requested items from patient’s in hospitals?

We have and will continue to donate pillows to those kids who face the challenges life has placed upon them. Donate to our Pillow Bank. 

Help us, help them. At the end of the day, it’s up to us, JUST US, to make a difference.  


And to all a good night! 

Kosh & Dave