Why buy a freshly made handcrafted pillow, when you can strut into any old big box store and get a pillow off the shelf?

Outdated practices have us walking into big box stores, being overwhelmed by floor to ceiling shelves housing hundreds of pillows covered in dusty packaging. The result, pillows that are picked over, bags often ripped open as people try to get a feel of the pillow, all while making them less sanitary. Most placing their faces directly up against the pillow in hopes of imagining what kind of sleep they will attain, all while compromising the integrity and sanitation of the pillow.
Well, let us inform you of one particularly unpleasant fact. The average pillow is home to over 350,000 colonies of active bacteria.
On top of that, the vast majority of these microscopic creepy crawlies are born while pillows gather dust on warehouse shelves. That’s the grueling cost of convenience with pillows.
While big box store pillows are bought with a bacterial tax added on their price tag, Just Pillows freshly made pillows ensure you fall asleep with a pillow that has no compromise to cleanliness and your overall well-being, just good clean, healthy sleep.

Just Pillows has done the work for you. No more hassle of going to big box stores, with a ridiculous mark up, we have made it simple for you. Years of research combined with industry experts, has all been immersed in meticulously crafting high-quality pillows that are affordable and accessible, by being made fresh daily by us and shipped directly to your door.
In the end, making sure you get a good healthy night’s sleep all depends on the pillow you use. We spend on average 8 hours a night laying our heads on our pillows. Shouldn’t you have one that provides a restful sleep, night after night?
Take the time to invest in your sleep, it is after all the foundation of our well-being. Choose a pillow that was created with your comfort and health in mind, this makes all the difference. At Just Pillows you can rest assure knowing your health is as important to us, as it is to you.
August 05, 2022 — Just Pillows